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  2. Jensen Ackles speaks on stage at the Television Critics Association Panel for Supernatural 2014

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    Jensen at Malibu Boys And Girls Club Gala [x]

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  4. “I don’t care how much longer Chris Hemsworth’s hair is. You’re my Thor.” - Jensen Ackles

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    J2 at TCA14

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  8. J2 - Summer TCA 2014 Portraits

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    no but my all-time favourite Jensen thing has got to be his sad, defeated, long-suffering parent face, like:


    oh god, just stop


    jesus have mercy


    i don’t deserve this


    [internally screaming]


    how did it come to this


    how have i offended you o lord

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  10. Jensen Ackles arrives back in Vancouver, BC Canada to get a start on prepping for the 10th Season of Supernatural.

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